Ventilation Lattice for car windows

  • Ventilation Lattice for car windows

The ventilation lattice made of robust plastic brings fresh air into closed cars.

Sometimes it can't be helped that your dog has to stay alone in the closed car. This ventilation lattice is essential to get enough fresh air into the car during the time you have to leave your dog alone. Fits to any car and the installation is easy. Simply stretch the ventilation lattice to the needed size, install it and finally wind up the window. As it is very space saving it can be placed at any place inside your car when it is not in use.

  • brings fresh air into closed cars
  • space saving storage
  • resistant plastic
  • suitable for any window size
  • If used with the WalkyLock creates good fresh air circulation


You should be aware that a dog should not stay inside a car when it is really hot outside as the temperatures go up very quickly. This can be life-threatening to your dog and the ventilation lattice would not help!