Bikejor Starter Kit with Non-Stop Free Motion Harness

  • Bikejor Starter Kit with Non-Stop Free Motion Harness
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To allow you more options, rather than listing pre-selected kits containing specific items, now you can choose your combination of extension, bungee line and harness and still receive the

Select an Extension - Select a Bungee Line - Select a Dog Harness.

This starter kit includes everything you need to get started in bikejoring, except the bike, then continue on to a competition level.

Bikejor Pro Antenna 

This BikeJor Converter (not pictured) has been specially designed and allows fitting to 99% of bike frames with a straight forward U-Bolt fitting. It extends 20" from the front of the bike and safely converts your bike for bikejoring and holds the lines clear of front wheel.

Non-stop Free Motion Harness

Everybody in Non-stop Dogwear competes on a high level in dog sled racing, so the harness has been developed in accordance with the demands and challenges they meet. Their products are currently used by many of the world's best dog sled racers. Andreas Fossnes with his five individual Norwegian Championship gold medals can be mentioned among several other professional mushers.

Weight (kg) | Harness Neck Opening * |

Size Maximum neck opening Neck circumference Breed examples
3 13.8 in/35 cm 11-13 in/28-33 cm Parson Russel Terrier
4 15.75 in/40 cm 13-14.2 in/33-36 cm English Cocker Spaniel
5 17.3 in/44 cm 14.2-15.75 in/36-40 cm Border Collie
6 18.9 in/48 cm 15.75-17.3 in/40-44 cm Australian Shepherd
7 20.5 in/52 cm 17.3-18.9 in/44-48 cm Magyar Vizsla male
8 22.0 in/56 cm 18.9-20.5 in/48-52 cm German Shorthaired Pointer
9 23.6 in/60 cm 20.5-22.0 in/52-56 cm German Shepherd
10 72 cm 56-64 cm Newfoundland, Grand danois

* Measure the Lower part of your dog's neck close to the chest to get the correct size.

Single Bungee Line

Single Bungee Gang Line - A single bungee line perfect for bikejor, skijor or scootering. It is made from super strong climbing grade tape with an integrated marine grade bungee and a low level control handle.